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AMORE powered IMD 2023  WORKSHOP – May, 13 – Tenuta Le Palaie – Peccioli (PISA) 

10:45am 12:10pm

  • WS01 – Katana: Spinning® and Yoga (Ride + yoga) – Andrea Bertino (Italian)
  • WS02 –  Face to Face: Power vs. Heart Rate (Lecture) – Eva Garcia (English) 

04:00pm – 05:30pm

  • WS03 – Amore, Music Concept – Francesco & Rodrigo
  • WS04 –  Parameters of Intensity (Lecture) – Martin Timmermann (English) 

All rides and workshops award CEC’s points to keep your Spinning® Certification active.



2 WS + FR01 + SAT01 + SAT02 + SAT03 + STORIA D’AMORE (SUN01 + SUN02 + SUN03 + SUN04) (10 CEC’S POINT)

Package available in Early Bird for bookings by March 20th

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€ 240,00


FR01 + SAT01 + SAT02 + SAT03 + STORIA D’AMORE (SUN01 + SUN02 + SUN03 + SUN04) (6 CEC’S POINT)

Package available in Early Bird for bookings by March 20th


Saturday - 13th May

WS01 – Katana: Spinning® and Yoga (Ride + yoga) 

Andrea Bertino – 10:45am – 12:10pm 

The Samurai’s way who had no past…What do you want to do with mastery of the art of the sword if your wrists tremble on the battlefield? Today it is normal. But when you first ride a Spinner® bike you don’t imagine the journey that awaits you from a single pedal stroke. This is possible thanks to some elements of the Spinning® program which come from oriental disciplines.

One of these is the Yoga practice. Believe it or not but every Spinning® instructor should be sometimes a needle, sometimes a thread for their students. And know how to recognize it. That’s why Spinning®, Yoga, the art of the Japanese sword and neuroscience become an indispensable tool for personal improvement. An inner journey to return to the heart or stay there.


WS02 – Face to Face: Power vs. Heart Rate (Lecture)

Eva Garcia – 10:45am – 12:10pm

Science and technology are constantly advancing, and this means that we have more tools and measurement systems that allow us to evolve our training.

Learn the importance and value of both power and heart rate and understanding how they work together for the most beneficial training outcomes.


WS03 – Amore, Music Concept 

Francesco & Rodrigo (Italian) – 04:00pm – 05:30pm

Music is undoubtedly an important component of a Spinning® Ride. Often its function is not correctly interpreted in the execution of a ride, sometimes its importance is overvalued, and many other times it is undervalued. Music is necessarily a basic tool of the Spinning® program to be used to amplify and diffuse a ride.

In this workshop we are going to illustrate how a ride can musically have different tastes and give even diametrically opposite messages, while maintaining the same technical profile.
In the ride of this workshop Rodrigo and Francesco will use the basic techniques, Sitting Flat, Running, Sitting Climb, Jumping and Standing Climb for 10 minutes each, using 3 songs of different music genres for each technique.

The mixture and the choice of the tracks should be uniform and develop a smooth ride that fits the planned profile.


WS04 – Parameters of Intensity (Lecture)

Martin Timmermann (English) – 04:00pm – 05:30pm

Every Spinning® class means different populations, different class participants, different wearables and devices, or even no technical support for any intensity control.

How can you talk and teach about intensity; what is the best guiding line for a specific Spinning® class? Learn how to use RPE, heart rate, power, time and breathing patterns to estimate the body´s stress and strain, and then how to use those numbers and address them correctly.