Product Information

High Fidelity 4Th Edition

Live and On-Line Combined Formula, the spirit of Spinning® Program with an emotional soul.

Community culture and music combined with energetic anthems heard worldwide.

Great Presenters for eight incredible rides!

Live and Join with us High Fidelity event, Live in Pisa and online from your home!

Event schedule

10:00 am MI Francesco Sivieri (IT)  – MI Martin Timmermann (GER)
11:00 am IST Francesco Coffa – IST Lucio Cesarini (IT)
12:00 am MI Peter Pastejin (BEL)
01:00 pm IST Marusca Rellini  – IST Nicola Bizzarri (IT)
02:00 pm MI Polona Gosar (SLO)
03:00 pm MI Andrea Bertino – IST Luca Stefanini (IT)
04:00 pm MI Barbara D’Onza (IT) – IST Francesco Savoré (IT)
05:00 pm MI Josh Taylor (USA) Global Ambassador Spinning®️ International Master Instructor